Secure Future And Live In Style

Miss Keriun OngTourism being an active industry takes up 60% of the world's employment. The involvement of people travelling for business and holidays is on going even during this current time when most parts of the world are facing global recession. Airlines companies, travel agencies and hotels are busy recruiting staff while many other industries have either slowed down or even closed.

Today, International Airlines are still actively conducting interviews seeking qualified Malaysian youths for employment. The demand for Travex graduates by the various travel and tours companies including hotels is a testimony for the high academic quality provided by our College. For our record, our College graduates have always achieved a 100% employment rate.

Travex graduates easily find work as Airline Reservation & Ticketing staff, Tour Consultants, Inbound Tour Operation and Outbound Tour Operation staff, Tour Leaders and Tourist Guides and also in the hotel/restaurant industry. Travex graduates working as Tour Leaders or Tour Guides can also opt for a freelance job and still enjoy a good and steady income.

Travex provides a niche market for tourism training. We always stress on QUALITY and not QUANTITY. Many people think of tourism as a secondary profession and they do not realize that the tourism industry can provide them a secure job where they can live in style. Combining the high quality training, hard work and good customer services to the tourists, the Ministry of Tourism Licensed Tourist Guides and Tour Leaders are often very well paid.

Thank You

(Ms. Keriun Ong)


( Ms. Keriun Ong is a pioneer in travel and tourism industry training for last twenty years has been appointed as an "INDUSTRY EXPERT" by the Department of Skill Training under the Ministry of Human Resources. She firmly said that the profession in the tourism industry is more stable and secure than any other industries in the country. Ms. Ong has vast experiences and knowledge in the tourism industry training since 1985. She has been actively monitoring the educational needs and training for the travel and tourism industry in the country. She strongly urges SPM/SM3/ STPM school leavers to consider the tourism profession because they can seek employment in other countries as well. )